Labour Movement: Future Jobs, Skills and Training

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Labour Movement: Placing Tomorrow’s Workers into Tomorrow’s Jobs, Today

The Future Jobs, Skills and Training (FJST) capability was set up within NTUC in 2017 and functions as a strategic nerve centre, leveraging the expanded Labour Movement network and tripartite partners, to sense new and emerging opportunities so that strategic action can be taken to enable our working people to secure better skills, better jobs and better wages.

Adopting a whole-of Labour Movement approach, FJST, together with representatives from the unions and clusters, Professional Networks (consisting of U Associate and UPME (Professionals, Managers & Executives), U SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), U FSE (Freelancers and Self-Employed), NTUC LearningHub and NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), work together to validate sensing of jobs and skills trends, identify training and placement opportunities and tailor relevant training and placement programmes for our working people. The Labour Movement also works closely with partners such as government agencies, institutes of higher learning, consultancies, think tanks and communities to synergise and streamline efforts in identifying training and placement opportunities for the benefit of our working people.

For assistance or enquiries, connect with FJST by emailing to