Reclaiming My Rightful Bonus

Mandy, Over 12 years as Finance Manager of MNC.

    Having worked many years in the same organization, I decided to leave in February 2014 to pursue other interests and assumed that I would be entitled to 2013 bonuses as the payout was in February 2014.

    Despite my decade-long dedication as a senior staff, the company explained that my leaving in the same month meant I was not entitled to this bonus. I sought help from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) looking to clarify my predicament, to no avail.

    At a loss, I considered engaging a lawyer but quickly dismissed the idea due to cost. It was through recommendation from an ex-colleague that I headed down to
NTUC U PME Centre at One Marina Boulevard to seek help.

    Explaining to the Consultant my situation was comforting as I felt his concern and diligence to help me in my time of need. I was kept apprised of the discussions he had with my ex-MNC and felt positive about the outcome. Within 3 short weeks, the matter was settled and I received the bonus.

    My family and I are grateful for the help received from the U PME Centre and hard work by the dedicated Consultant in reclaiming my bonus.









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