Meet The All-In-One Lady

Photo: U PME Centre

An adviser, listener, and a dependable friend, Fiona is able to fulfill these roles with ease as a consultant at the U PME Centre in One Marina Boulevard since it first opened its doors in April 2014.

A natural with human relations, Fiona is always on her toes and anticipates tough cases and questions from different PMEs and NTUC Members. Fiona advises PMEs the best of her abilities; be it workplace issues, having difficulty in finding a job, or not knowing how to upgrade their skills. She provides them with multiple options so they can decide how they can take next step forward. She listens attentively to their situation, assuring them that things will work out fine.

For PMEs facing issues in the workplace, Fiona liaises with the various parties involved – including the company or the Ministry of Manpower, with the hope that the case can be closed successfully with the PMEs or NTUC Member’s desired outcome. To Fiona, this is the hardest part of the job, as it is not always easy to convince the company, and she has to think ahead of possible scenarios and prepare all the supporting facts to make her case. Experience plays a big part in handling these issues, and Fiona is grateful to have experienced seniors she can discuss the cases with. Sometimes, it can also be difficult to put across the painful realities for PMEs who have unattainable expectations of themselves and jobs, especially those who have had many years of work experience.

Once in awhile, Fiona also attends to PMEs working in the vicinity who want to know more about the services that the U PME Centre provides. She enjoys having engaging conversations with them be it from topics such as their struggles at work or family life. Fiona will make it a point to invite the PMEs whom she had worked with before to come back and pop by the U PME Centre to say ‘hi’ to build a longer-lasting friendship.

At the end of the day, Fiona finds that it is the smiles and “thank yous” that come from the PMEs she managed to help that are the fruits of her labour. She believes that the process is more important than the end result, and providing friendship and emotional support means more to those who are facing problems in the workplace.

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