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Published on 01 January 2015

Need Help to Take Care of Your Family Members at Home?

NTUC Health Care@home brings a comprehensive range of home-based care services by a team of trained caregivers, nurses, and medical professionals. The services provide clients and their family members with holistic care support at the convenience and comfort of their homes, including:

  • Home Personal Care – Assist the elderly at home in activities such as personal hygiene (showers or bed-baths), companionship, maintenance exercises, mentally stimulating activities, medical escort and running simple errands.
  • Home Nursing – Provide home-based nursing procedures, such as wound care & dressing, changing of feeding tubes and catheters, as well as other health related care tasks done by a Registered Nurse.
  • Home Therapy – Provide home-based assessment and treatment in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.
  • Home Medical – Provide medical consultation, assessment and treatment by a House-call Doctor.
  • Interim Caregiver Services – Provide temporary caregivers to hospital patients who are medically fit for discharge while awaiting alternative long term care-giving arrangements.
  • Caregivers' Training – Provide classroom or home-based caregiver training to empower caregivers, including foreign domestic workers, with practical skills and knowledge in home care.


Government Subsidies and Healthcare Grants

Eligible clients may enjoy government subsidies or apply for various healthcare grants, subject to means-testing and other assessments.

For more information on the services, rates, eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions, visit us at or email us at




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