Towards Gender Neutral Professions
Find out from NTUC Women’s Committee Chairperson K Thanaletchimi, on what is needed to help ramp up the number of women in STEM.
Pushing Boundaries
Meet Lynette Tan, the first female Director of Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), who takes pleasure in pushing boundaries in expanding what humans can achieve.
Helping Returners get Back on their Feet
Find out how job trials and flexible work arrangement programme help women back to work
From A Dad: Employees' emotional and mental wellness - just as important
U Family's activist, Eric, shares his views on why employers should offer more support for working mums.
Face 2 Face with Nurul Husna Ghali
Nurul Husna Ghali shares how she manages her time for union work, family and career.
Chances and Choices
Find out how Rossana Chen spends her days making a positive impact on those around her.
The Embracing Parenthood Movement
NTUC supports the new community-led initiative, “People’s Association Embracing PArenthood Movement: Community Celebration of New-Borns”, by giving out the NTUC Good Start Bundle to families of newborns to support young parents on their parenthood journey.
Leading By Example
Meet Betty Ang, who is soft-spoken but more than capable of holding her own as a female executive and union leader in a male-dominated industry.
Balancing Work and Union Duties
Hear from Sivamani Taigrajan on why more women should take up union work.
Engineering a Career
National Floorball player and full-time engineer, Laura Tan shares her advice to women interested in the engineering industry.
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