The Embracing Parenthood Movement

Published on 08 April 2017

In support of the Government's vision of creating a society where both marriage and parenthood are achievable, enjoyable and celebrated, a new community initiative called the Embracing PArenthood Movement was officially launched by the People's Association (PA) on 8 April 2017 at the Bishan Active Park.

The community-based initiative, led by PA and supported by NTUC, community partners and government agencies, provides opportunities for families from the same neighbourhoods with babies born from 2016 onwards to get to know each other. It also acts as a platform for partners to engage parents and share information on parenting and family bonding.

NTUC Good Start Bundle

NTUC social enterprises gave out the NTUC Good Start Bundle as a gift to new parents to help them in practical ways on their parenthood journey at the event. The bundle comprises an exclusive one-year IncomeShield coverage for babies born between 2016 and 2019 by NTUC Income and the “Early Experiences Matter: Parent-Child Activity Book” by NTUC First Campus.

The insurance coverage will give parents the assurance that their babies will be taken care of should they incur hospital and surgical expenses. Meanwhile the activity book, created by early childhood professionals, will give new parents advice and tips on how to foster strong bonds with their infants and young children.

The bundle is worth a total of $28 million and targets to benefit 140,000 babies over four years.

According to NTUC Enterprise, more gifts will be rolled out throughout the course of the year for parents and their babies as part of the movement.

Celebrating Parenthood

At the event, 50 families from Bishan North became the first to participate in the initiative, where they took part in various activities.

PA commemorated the occasion by presenting participants with a commemorative “PAssion Baby” Card and a gift set.

The event also saw NTUC's Women and Family unit set up a booth to lend advice and educate parents on good workplace practices for families. Other community partners such as the Centre for Fathering and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital were also present to provide parenting advice.

Moving forward, the other 89 divisions across Singapore will progressively hold their own celebrations to engage families with newborns within the community.

Article By Fawwaz Baktee (NTUC This Week)

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