13 March 2015: NTUC calls for more support for expectant women at the workplace

Published on 16 March 2015






NTUC U Family conducted its Happiness Poll last December on the state of happiness and well-being of families in Singapore. Over 4,700 U Family members of different gender, age, employment status and marital status were polled. Into its third year, the poll results showed consistently that Singaporeans are generally happy.

The poll also revealed that 1,113 parents are still planning for more children and about 42 per cent of the remaining 3,431 parents regretted not having more children. Among 987 respondents who are currently expectant women and women who were pregnant in the last two years, NTUC U Family noticed that not all employers exercise the same level of flexibility at work for expectant workers.

9 in 10 of the 189 respondents who were pregnant when they did the survey intend to return to work after their maternity leave. With these findings in mind, NTUC U Family reiterates its call to employers for more workplace support for working parents and for greater workplace flexibility to be extended to expectant women workers. This can be in the form of flexible work arrangements (FWA) to help them better manage their time at work, and/or provide time-off so that they can go for prenatal checks whenever necessary.

As part of its ongoing call for companies to adopt family-friendly workplaces, NTUC U Family also introduces the U Family Happiness Crew who will put together surprise visits to show appreciation to employers or co-workers who have shown invaluable support for expectant mothers or working caregivers who have to juggle responsibilities between work and family. An online nomination for the U Family Happiness Crew was launched and about 70 nominations were received within the nomination period of two weeks from 28 Jan to 15 Feb 2015. Today, the U Family Happiness Crew launched its first round of surprise visits to two selected companies with their respective nominators to show their appreciation.

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