When it comes to going further in your career, don’t just be hardworking. Achieve more and fast track your growth with our professional development programmes.

Empowering PMEs with a Future Ready edge: equipping our PMEs with the bridging competencies and mastery to compete globally. The Future Leaders Programme comprises of diverse learning & development programmes and events, catered to PMEs across a variety of sectors. We work jointly with our U Associates, as part of a knowledge-rich ecosystem, to deliver strong practitioners’ perspective, unique access to mentors, and potential links to strong partnerships. Our holistic 3-stage programme imparts critical workplace survival skills, cross-disciplinary insights and an upskilling edge to our PMEs, to assist in tackling complex challenges within the workplace and in their careers. The Future Leaders Programme incorporates an integration of both physical and digital platforms as modes of learning delivery.

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The Future Leaders Summit is NTUC’s annual flagship conference, being the choice converging point for forward-thinking leaders, distinguished practitioners and our PMEs. A platform for prime networking opportunities and professional enhancement, PME delegates can leverage on future workforce trends, progressive perspectives and prospects to establish new alliances across industries and sectors.

One of the key findings of the Global Talent Index Report 2015 by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlights a shortage of workers possessing critical soft skills such as creativity and versatility, as well as the ability to adapt and deal with evolving situations. This trend, identified across over 50% of the senior business executives surveyed in the Asia Pacific region, points to a critical skills gap in the workforce. To help Singapore bridge this gap, the NTUC’s Future Leaders Series features a variety of events and seminars, incorporating both technical and soft skills to aid Singaporean PMEs to develop the challenger mindset. These industry-specific, in-depth programmes are sectorially focused and profession-led.

Sectoral Series
Leading-edge foresight and practitioner-based perspectives for resilient strategies and cutting-edge practices across various industries and sectors

Sectoral Programmes
Modular initiatives with U Associate partners from over 16 industries, providing horizontal skilling and progression pathways to PMEs of tomorrow

PMEs are given unique access to industry leaders and eminent practitioners via a selection process, for personal development and career guidance. These mentorship sessions are conducted in a small group setting, behind closed doors, to facilitate more open and honest sharing. Gaining invaluable and rare access to inspiring role models for support and guidance enables PMEs to define their blueprints for both professional and personal growth.