May Day Celebrations 2017

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This year, the Labour Movement will celebrate May Day across five NTUC May Day events throughout the entire month of May.

Our diamond hearts represent our Unusual Labour Movement’s solid resolve and perseverance in future proofing our working people today to overcome challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. So as to help, we’ve grown our network and expanded our services, in our efforts to truly be a “Labour Movement By Ur Side”. This forms the key overarching theme of this year’s May Day Celebrations.

Just as how precious diamonds can withstand immense pressure and hard knocks, we also want our working people to be resilient and strong, so that they will be able to attain better skills, jobs and lives – for them and their families. Facets of the diamond heart reflect our growing network’s expanding range of services as we Care for our working people, ensure Fair workplace practices for them and Grow with them – the enduring mission of our Unusual Labour Movement.

May Day Rally
May Day Fiesta
May Day Domestic Employees Celebration
May Day Awards
May Day Migrant Workers Celebration